I was diagnosed with Breast cancer on 3/9/16. I was devastated, confused, angry and scared. My husband and I cried together and tried to understand why this was happening.

So many thoughts ran through my head and it was hard to stay off the internet, but he made me promise not to "google" anything. I tried not to but still did it.

Will I need chemo, radiation, drugs? How will I tell my kids? How will they handle this? How did I get "it"? Do I need to find an oncologist? My head was spinning. I wasnu2019t sleeping. I still had to go work and take care of my family.

On 3/11/16, we met with Dr. Kennedy and her team and they answered all of our questions and more. Dr. Kennedy and Lisa explained what type of cancer I have, how and where it started, how it behaves, treatment plans and which was right for me.

Dr. Kennedy wrote everything down for us so we could take it home and "digest" it all.

We also met with Jenn and Catherine, the nurse navigators. They gave us information on additional resources available to us. One of the biggest concerns was telling our children about my diagnosis. Catherine provided us with reading materials and websites to help us prepare and have that conversation.

She also told me about One Roof Holistic Health Center (meditation), massage & nutritional services available to cancer patients at Saratoga Hospital, as well as the cancer support groups at Saratoga Hospital, To-Life and the Hope Club. I received a packet from the American Cancer Society which contained reading materials about breast cancer.

When I left their office, I knew I was going to be okay. I had a much better understanding of what my cancer was, what was going to happen next and additional testing I needed.

Dr. Kennedy always called as soon as she got test results, sometimes that was at 8:00 pm. I was thankful to receive the news as soon as she got it and couldnu2019t believe a doctor would call after hours!

It made me feel that she really cared about me and my future. She gave me my options and allowed me time to think it over before reaching a decision.

All of the internet searches I did could not have given me what I received from Dr. Kennedy and her team. I also knew that if I have any questions, I can call them at any time.

Dr. Kennedy is kind, funny and an excellent doctor. We have had many wonderful discussions throughout this process and I always leave their office feeling good.

I am so thankful to have Dr. Kennedy and her team by my side, guiding me every step of the way.

Terri B, Patient

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"From diagnosis to maintenance mode the Saratoga Breast Center has performed above and beyond what one would expect. The professionalism, care and compassion I was shown during this difficult journey let me know I was not alone."
"I am so happy to have had Dr. Kennedy as my breast surgeon. She is caring and takes her time to explain what I was to expect from my surgery and aftercare. The entire staff is just as caring and they all are just as wonderful as Dr. Kennedy."
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